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A Night of Brazilian Music
with Internationally Acclaimed
Guitarist Alessandro Penezzi
Violin Virtuoso Ted Falcon

Sunday, August 10 at 8pm
A Night of Brazilian Music

Join us for an evening of virtuoso Brazilian choro music as we welcome to San Diego Brazilian guitarist Alessandro Penezzi and American violinist Ted Falcon! Penezzi and Falcon are masters of this Brazilian style - don't miss this chance to see them up close on a rare visit to southern California! Refreshments will be available including Brazilian caipirinhas! Doors open at 7pm, show begins at 8pm

Alessandro Penezzi
Guitarist, composer, and arranger- is considered one of the most impressive guitarists in the world by critics and musicians in his native Brazil, and abroad. He is a talented multi-instrumentalist who plays the 7-string guitar, tenor guitar, cavaquinho, mandolin, and flute with virtuosic ability. He is one of the worlds greatest exponents of Choro music, has released 3 solo CD's, and received a nomination from the Brazilian Music Awards in the category of Best Soloist.

Ted Falcon
An American violinist, mandolinist, and composer. Ted has worked as a professional musician in New York City, Los Angeles, and Sao Paulo. He has written several books about Brazilian Choro music for the Escola de Choro Raphael Rabello (Clube do Choro), the nations most respected Choro school. Ted is one of the few innovators on the violin, an instrument rarely used in Brazilian popular music.
Cultura Flamenca:
An Evening of Spanish Guitar, Dance, and Cante
Sunday, June 22
Cultura Flamenca: An Evening of Spanish Guitar, Dance, and Cante
Cultura Flamenca is a music and dance performance designed to showcase a wide range of flamenco artistry. The show will consist of four sets, each 20 - 25 minutes in length, with three intermissions. This is a rare opportunity to attend a romantic event, designed to both educate and to entertain in ways you may never have thought possible. Attention has been given to make the event nice, including candles, a healthy menu, and light decor.

The first two sets of the show will begin by highlighting music, including some improvised solos, then moving on to music with voice utilizing contemporary touches within tradtional flamenco song forms. The music will include tunes that have never been performed for a San Diego audience before and will include a couple of surprise instruments.

The second two sets will showcase traditional, semi-improvised flamenco, with dance, music and flamenco voice. These will include high-energy performances from highly talented male and female flamenco dancers.

San Diego is home to a growing flamenco community who enjoy sharing their unique art form with the public. The show will include brief explanations of the elements that make the music and choreography unique among other musical genres, describing the instruments, rhythms, harmony, and verse structures as well as historical anecdotes that define flamenco song forms.

Purchasers of the dinner package will be able to choose from delicious, freshly prepared Persian foods, including grilled beef and/or chicken, freshly baked breads, fresh vegetables and fruits, appetizers, as well as a wide range of beverages including rebujito, sangría, wines, craft beers, sodas, and other non-alcoholic beverages for your enjoyment.

An Evening of
French Music on Guitar and Accordion
See Paper Moon instructors
Scot Taber and Joe Amato
perform in concert with accordionist
Lou Fanucchi
Gypsies in Paris Concer

at the
Congregational Church of La Jolla
on Sunday, June 1 at 6pm.  

Gypsy jazz, musette, classical, music from French cinema and more!

Classical Guitar Virtuoso
Robert Wetzel
Adam del Monte

Sunday, May 25 @8pm

A seasoned musician, Robert Wetzel is continually being recognized as a mature performing and recording artist by critics and audiences alike:

"...enchanting...instrumental skill...ear-opening...most satisfying..."

"...Quite a few works off the beaten path...captures the full round sound of his Miguel Rodriguez instrument beautifully...appealing..."
American Record Guide

"...enlightening heed...insightfully arranged...fine metrical discipline..."

"...beautifully played...warm balanced sound..."
 Acoustic Guitar Magazine

Robert Wetzel belongs to that small generation of gifted former students of the legendary Romeros family guitar dynasty from the period between 1972-1985 who has succeeded as a professional musician. Devoted to the classical guitar, he has continued with his primary vocation, maintaining a busy schedule of practicing, performing, recording, teaching and arranging music to this day.

He made his formal concert performance debut by sharing the stage with his mentors, the legendary Romeros, as the fourth member of the performing guitar quartet at the August Moon Concerts of the Napa Music Festival in 1977. His status confirmed alongside Celin, Pepe and Angel Romero, he performed the lute and guitar parts of their father, the great Celedonio Romero who was vacationing in Spain that summer. The Napa concert that Robert participated in was a special rare program by the Romeros that featured ensemble performances on lutes, vihuelas and guitars.

On commenting about his early life and ascension up the ladder rungs of early music successes, Robert states:  "A native of the Netherlands with Dutch-Indonesian and Chinese lineage, I immigrated to the United States at age two with my parents, two older brothers and sister, settling in Dallas, Texas. My mother, Leonie, intuitively sensed my inclinations towards artistic sensibilities and encouraged me to draw and later persuaded me to study the piano which I undertook until I was age eleven. It was after my sister brought home a Silvertone acoustic guitar, that I switched my musical allegiance and thus I began my lifelong love affair with the guitar.

I began studying with my first classical guitar teacher, Darryl Ray Saffer, at Southern Methodist University, who introduced me to the Romeros when they visited his house during their  U.S. tour in 1971. After intensive study of the classical guitar while still a teenager, I was granted the opportunity to be a performer in the guitar master classes of Pepe Romero, Christopher Parkening, Oscar Ghiglia, and Robert Guthrie which were held in Dallas. The following year I began private studies in Del Mar, California with one of the worlds' greatest guitarists, Angel Romero, who graciously invited me to reside in his residence during my yearly summer studies with him. During this musical apprentice-ship in the old-European style approach of 'I'll show you how to do it, now you try', I developed close friendships with each member of the Romero family who often referred to me as their 'little brother'."

In 1975, another great master guitarist, Pepe Romero, awarded Robert the honor to study on full scholarship for five consecutive years at his then annually conducted master classes in Houston, Texas.

Robert relates another anecdote from this time:
"Pepe also cordially invited me to study privately with him in Del Mar and he showed me the same degree of kindness as 
Angel had expressed earlier by allowing me to reside in his family's house during those periods of study of the guitar before I moved permanently to California in 1979. This early bohemian lifestyle privilege gave me the priceless opportunity not only to learn how to play the guitar from one of the greatest masters, but also enabled me to witness how great artists live from dawn to dusk. It was very enlightening for me and I was determined to devote my life to music and survive by music."

During this period Robert also participated as a performer in master classes by two Spanish master composers of the 20th century, Joaquin Rodrigo and Federico Moreno-Torroba. The master classes were organized by Pepe Romero and were held in Houston and Dallas, respectively.
Private guitar studies in Del Mar coincided with Pepe Romero and later with the gran maestro and patriarch of the Romero family, Celedonio Romero, whom Robert cites as his greatest influence: "I had studied diligently with his sons and had learned much and drew great inspiration from them, but it wasn't until I had 
the great fortune to sit next to Celedonio Romero and have him show me personally how fantastic guitar playing with profound musicality was done that I realized where all of his son's greatness had stemmed from. It was from him! That time was the golden period of my artistic development and some of my fondest memories are from those times spent with Celedonio at his home in Del Mar, sometimes enacting the respectful student to maestro relationship and at other times just being totally down to earth and assuming the roles of two sincere good old friends. He showed me immense kindness and I really miss him. I am still in touch with his sons Celin, Pepe and Angel and see them from time to time and our relationships too are very special."

Undergraduate studies with Robert Guthrie at Southern Methodist University earned Robert a BA degree in musical performance and he was the first guitarist to earn a Master of Music degree from San Diego State University under the guidance of Celin Romero.

A founding member of the award-winning Odeum Guitar Duo with guitarist, composer, and colleague, Fred Benedetti, Robert is a frequent performer in solo, chamber music and orchestral concerts and currently he resides in San Diego, California where he is on the music faculties of the University of California, San Diego; San Diego State University, University of San Diego and Grossmont College.
As a recording artist, he has recorded his arrangements for two guitars on two CDs by the Odeum Guitar Duo on SBE Records, one of which, entitled "Concert Hall Classics", was awarded and honored as being one of the top ten best independently produced guitar CDs of 2000 by Acoustic Guitar magazine. The CDs by the Odeum Guitar Duo, which are still available, contain guitar duo arrangements done by Robert from the works by the composers Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert, Liszt, Chopin, Schumann, Mendelssohn, Vivaldi/J. S. Bach, Torelli/J. S. Bach, Boccherini, Rimsky-Korsakov, Scriabin, and Albeniz as well as original works for two guitars by J. K. Mertz.

Robert has recorded two solo albums for SBE Records which were released simultaneously in October, 2004. They are entitled "Guitar Fantasy in Spain and Italy" and "Guitar Fantasy in Spain and Italy Vol. 2". They contain original works for solo guitar by Fernando Sor, Francesco Molino, Niccolo Paganini, Francisco Guerau, Gaspar Sanz, Jose Broca, Jose Ferrer, Angel Barrios and a guitar arrangement by Robert Wetzel of a work originally composed for lute by Francisco da Milano.

He performs on guitars that were constructed for him by Miguel Rodriguez of Cordoba, Spain (1976, cedar top, palosanto back and sides) and Simon Marty of Sydney, Australia (1999, spruce top, rosewood back and sides). Robert uses Augustine 'Blue' extra hard tension for bass strings and Savarez 'yellow' non-clear extra hard tension for treble strings.

His favorite guitar of choice is the 1976 cedar top Rodriguez, of which Robert relates about with facts on how he obtained the magnificent instrument: "My parents were vacationing in Spain in 1975 and upon checking into their hotel room, they surprisingly met Pepe Romero and his parents, Celedonio and Angelita, in the lobby of the very same hotel. You've heard the saying, 'it's a small world'. My father told me upon his return to the States how he could hear Celedonio practicing through the hotel room walls since they were given adjoining rooms on the same floor!

Anyway, my father got together with Pepe and told him that he wanted to get me the best guitar possible, so Pepe phoned the Rodriguez shop in Cordoba to order me a guitar. A few months later the guitar arrived with two other Rodriguez instruments in Houston, Texas at the Guitar Gallery of Houston which at that time was owned by some friends of ours, and I picked my guitar out of the three. I'll never forget the acts of my father and Pepe to get my favorite instrument which I use exclusively for my recordings and some concerts. I used it on all of the tracks for the Odeum Guitar Duo recordings and for the two solo debut CDs originally released on SBE Records in 2004 and then later issued again with permission in 2005 on my own independent record label, Concert Hall Records."

An evening of traditional Spanish song
with flamenco singer Kina Méndez
and guitarist Juan Moro
Adam del Monte
Paper Moon Music lessons studio is continuing its Concert Performance Series with renowned vocalist Kina Méndez from Spain and flamenco guitarist Juan Moro, performing traditional flamenco song forms from Andalucia!

Saturday, May 3 @ 7pm at
Kina Mendez Bio
Her professional career began at the famous Seville tablao Los Gallos. She later joined the company of Jerez guitarist Manuel Morao, which led to work with the famous dancer Mario Maya. Kina also toured internationally with Seville dramatist Salvador Távoras in productions of Carmen, Carmina Burana and Don Juan. Kina has appeared in festivals such as Jerez's annual La Fiesta de la Bulería and La Fiesta de la Vendimia. She was a featured artist at the prestigious XIV Festival de Jerez in 2010 in Los Conciertos de Palacio and Seville's Bienal de flamenco, where she shared the stage with renowned flamenco artists as Manuel Agujetas, El Grilo, and La Macanita.

Kina was a featured performer in the 2010 Zahara Flamenco Al Andaluz (Cowell Theater, San Francisco) and in 2011 was an invited artist with Caminos Flamencos in the Festival de Semana Flamenka de Los Angeles in the UC Irvine Barclay Theater. Kina was also a featured performer in the Tribute to the Flamingos Bodega and has participated in various collaborations for Teatro Flamenco (45 Años de Arte Flamenco) and in 2012 with the prestigious dancer La Tania (Despertar es un Color).

Kina is a renowned artist in international festivals such as Alburquerque (2012), and Festival Flamenco de Houston (2013). In 2014 she appeared with Caminos Flamencos in Yoshi's with the famous flamenco singer Juan Carrasco Soto and the great flamenco dancer David Paniagua.

Kina's debut recording, From Seville to Jerez, was released in 2009.
Flamenco Guitar Concert by renowned virtuoso

Adam del Monte

Adam del Monte
Saturday, January 11 @ 7pm at
Point Loma Assembly Concert Hall

Paper Moon Music will be welcoming the world renowned Flamenco and Classical master Adam del Monte for an intimate concert at Point Loma Assembly on January 11. Del Monte has performed his unique brand of flamenco on concert stages throughout the world, earned First Prize at the prestigious 1997 Stotsenberg International Classical Guitar Competition and has since gone on to perform with the LA Philharmonic and Madrid Symphony Orchestra among others. Adam Del Monte's performances are enriched by his eclectic awareness of jazz, world music and other contemporary forms. Don't miss this opportunity to see one of the world's most notable flamenco guitarists up close!
Flamenco Guitar Concert

Juan Moro

with percussionist
Miles Shrewsbery
Traditional Flamenco & Cajon with a discussion of flamenco theory & history

Saturday, October 1st at 7pm
Flamenco Guitar Concert

Adam del Monte
Adam del Monte Solo Guitar

Join us for an intimate concert by modern flamenco virtuoso Adam del Monte at Paper Moon Music. Del Monte is a master of both the flamenco and classical genres and has performed his unique brand of flamenco on concert stages throughout the world.

He earned First Prize at the prestigious 1997 Stotsenberg International Classical Guitar Competition and has since gone on to perform as a soloist and as part of an ensemble with the LA Philharmonic and Madrid Symphony Orchestra among others. He has studied with such flamenco luminaries as Pepe Habichuela and Gerardo Núñez and has been commissioned to compose for the Los Angeles Guitar Quartet.

Adam Del Monte's performances are enriched by his eclectic awareness of jazz, world music and other contemporary forms. Don't miss this opportunity to see one of the world's most notable flamenco guitarists up close!

Saturday, August 27th at 7pm
Solo Guitar Concert

Peter Sprague

Peter Sprague Solo Guitar
Jazz guitar legend Peter Sprague will be joining us once again for an inspiring solo guitar concert! Peter performs a wide variety of highly improvisational and sonically diverse music. Complete with guitar synthesizers, electric and nylon string guitars, and multiple loops that he creates on the fly, Peter's shows are always dazzling; look for him to play anything from The Beatles to Antonio Carlos Jobim to Mozart!
Sunday, February 27th at 7pm
A Night of Accordion by Virtuoso

Lou Fanucch

Join us for a night of accordion music as maestro Lou Fanucchi takes us on a tour of music from around the world. From Argentine Tango to French Musette, Italian folk songs, Classical, Latin and Gypsy Jazz, and more, you will hear works from composers such as Pagannini, Puccini, Chick Corea, Michel Camilo, Piazzolla, and Andre Astier as you've never heard them before!

Sunday, January 23rd at 7pm
Jazz Concert with

Jaime Valle and Rob Thorsen

Join guitarist Jaime Valle and bassist Rob Thorsen for an evening of latin and jazz music featuring songs from the Great American Songbook, jazz standards, bossa novas, sambas, and more!

Sunday December 12th at 7pm
Italian guitar virtuoso

Flavio Cucchi

Here's your chance to see one of the world's most celebrated and famous classical guitarists up close at Paper Moon Music studios. Cucchi has performed in concert halls all over the globe; in November he'll be returning from a tour in Asia and will be performing a program that includes works by Paganini, Albeniz, Scarlati, Downland and even a piece that Chick Corea composed specifically for Flavio. Here's a video of him performing Isaac Albeniz's famous "Sevilla" from Suite Espanola..

Sunday, November 7th at 7pm
Guitar Concert

Fred Benedetti and Peter Sprague

Sunday, September 12th at 6pm
Solo Guitar Concert

Rafael Elizondo

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Sunday, July 11th at 6pm
Solo Guitar Concert

Peter Sprague

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Sunday, June 6th at 6pm
Solo Guitar Concert

Fred Benedetti

Click here to learn more.

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Saturday, March 27th at 7pm
photo by Dave Good
Robin Hinkel

Robin Henke

Hear Mississippi Delta Blues, Chicago Blues and more at this solo guitar performance, while Robin discusses the history of Blues guitar.

at Paper Moon Music

Sunday, Dec. 13th 6pm

Solo Guitar Concert

Juan Moro

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Saturday, March 27th at 7pm

The Life and Music of Django Reinhardt

An evening of Gypsy Jazz with Lou Fanucchi and Patrick Berrogain of the Hot Club Combo

at Paper Moon Music

Sunday, September 27th at 6pm

Local Gyspy Jazz Guitarist Patrick Berrogain of the Hot Club Combo and virtuoso accordionist Lou Fanucchi will join us at Paper Moon Music for a tour of the life, times, and music of one of the world's greatest guitar players ever, Django Reinhardt. A guitarist with only two working fingers, Django all but invented the genre of Gypsy Jazz or “Jazz Manouche”, and became a musical icon in the process, leaving us with now-famous standards like Minor Swing and Nuages.


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