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Practice Loops

  To practice your improvising skills, click on the arrow next to each title. The loop will repeat continuously until you click the icon again. Tune your guitar with an online tuner, by clicking on the "tuning fork" below, similarly a metronome by clicking on its image. Your browser requires an Adobe Flash player plugin. Click the image for additional information.Click for Flash Player information
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  Flamenco Progressions
Guajiras in A: V7 - I - IV
Try to compliment the alternating 6/8 - 3/4 rhythm of this Cuban song form.
Suggested Scales: A major, E mixolydian
Tangos in a:bII - I7
Suggested Scales: A phrygian dominant, D harmonic minor
Rumba in E minor: iv - v - iv - v7 / A dorian: i - ii - i - II7
Same as the A section to "Entre dos Aguas," be careful to adjust your soloing over the B7 chord (from D to D#).
Suggested Scales: A dorian, B phrygian, E minor, E harmonic minor
2nd Rumba in E minor: i - iv - V7
Suggested Scales: E minor, E hungarian or harmonic minor.
Rumba in E Phrygian: bII - I
Phrygian progressions form the basis for many Spanish and Flamenco palos. Think of it as an unresolved harmonic minor progression.
Suggested Scales: E phrygian, E phrygian dominant (the 5th mode of A harmonic minor)
Solea compas: 2  3  4 5 6  7 8 9  10  11 12
Use this basic rhythm without chords to practice a Solea compas or falseta, you can even try writing your own falseta over this "palo seco." 
Alegrias compas: 1  2  3  4  5  6  7 8  9  10  11  12
At a faster tempo than Solea, Alegrias follows the same 12-beat sequence as Solea.
Bulerias compas:12 1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10  11
Faster still than Alegrias, Bulerias follows the 12 count but often starts on the 12th beat, as shown here.
Alegrias Counted: 1 234 5678 910 1112
This mid-tempo Alegrias includes each beat counted so you know exactly where you are in the compas..
Slow Rumba in E minor:i - iv - i - iv - iimin7b5 - V7 - i
Suggested Scales: E (harmonic/hungarian) minor
Rumba in G# and F# minor:G# minor :i - V7 // F# minor: i - V7 - bVI - iv - iidim7 - V7
The same chords as the the Gipsy Kings' "Moorea," this progression modulates down a whole step from G# minor to F# minor.
Suggested Scales: G# (harmonic) minor, F# (harmonic) minor


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